The Form vs. Function debate

Form Vs. Function. Anyone who is at all into cars has some form of opinion on this.
In a nutshell, it's merely a battle of opinions. Some hate cars built purely for form over function. Others hate purely functional cars. This argument is especially obvious in the import world. Fueled by those who think everyone must think the way they do, and hate on everyone who doesn't, It has sparked many unique tuning styles.

No matter your opinion on this, it's just that; an Opinion. It's pointless to bash someone just because they have aggressive negative camber and less than an inch of ground clearance on their Front-Wheel-Drive import, purely because your car is tuned to shine on the road course.

All tuning styles have their place. Some, purely for shows, others, for the track, and others, for a sweet street machine. I love most of the tuning styles. They can make even the most hopelessly terrible cars look amazing.
Not to mention make the most awesome cars look even better..or worse..

It's probably not a good idea to have your car on air-ride, sitting a half inch or less off the ground, on wide wheels, stretched tires, and sporting a powerful sound system if you frequent the track.On the other side of the coin, having a car set up for maximum grip isn't going to be comfortable to drive every day, nor is it going to be practical if you only hit the track once a year.

My point is this. It's just a matter of opinion.People like what they like. Stop hating.



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