Movie Review: Love the Beast

I know it's been out a while, but "Love the Beast", a documentary by Actor Eric Bana, is perhaps one of the best car-related movies I have ever seen. It's a documentary going into magnificent depth on the attachment one develops with a car. Bana tells the story of his relationship with his first car, a Ford Falcon XB Coupe. Bana got the car at 15, and, to this day, still has it.

Top Gear UK's Jeremy Clarkson does a lengthy interview with Bana, as does Dr. Phil McGraw and Jay Leno.
They add so much to the film, especially Leno and Clarkson, being gearheads themselves.

I won't spoil anything else for those of you who haven't seen it, but If you consider yourself a car fan, and have not seen "Love the Beast", Please, Do. You can view it on Netflix, but if you buy the DVD, there's more things you won't see. An entire second disc of extra features, including the full interview with Clarkson.

Just trust me on this...Buy the DVD on Amazon.  Its worth it.



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