Official rates and such.

So, as many people have been asking for custom car drawings of their own vehicles, I'm going to charge a small fee. Here are the rates I'll be charging:

If it's of a car I have drawn up already, and just have to add a body kit, color, and a set of wheels I've got done up already, $3.00 USD.

If I have to draw up a new set of wheels, but use an existing car, it's $3.50

If I have to draw up a new car, and use existing wheels, $4.00

and if I have to draw up the car, and the wheels, it's $5.00

Adding color is included in the price, but If you just want it in a black and white bitmap image, and want to add color yourself, there's a $1 discount.

Payments can be made in the "donate" button on the top right of the blog.
Once payment is received, drawings will be e-mailed.
If, for any reason you need or want it modified in any way (color, body line tweaks, rim size, etc.) let me know, and I'll do it free of charge.

Once you have the drawing, do with it what you will.

Due to the hardware limitations of my computer, drawings will be done in a side-view profile. Drawn to scale, etc.

Send any requests to me at



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