Top Gear debate

Recently, on Facebook, there have been many negative comments about Top Gear America and Top Gear Australia. It seems to me that those of us who enjoy Top Gear UK are expecting Top Gear America to fail. Why? Several reasons.

1). Top Gear UK is hosted, as we know, by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May; British Motoring Journalists who loathe one another, but when they work together, create what can only be described as Top Gear's X-factor. Top Gear America is hosted by 3 American guys, 1 being a professional racing driver, 1 being a NASCAR analyst, and 1 being a Stand-up comic.Their interaction seems more forced, and scripted. It doesn't seem to flow naturally. Also, they don't have british accents.

2). Top Gear America has largely the same format as Top Gear UK, with a news segment, a Car review or two, a challenge and a guest who drives a low-end east-asian econobox around on an airfield. Not to mention they have a Stig, (How they managed to capture one is beyond me), a bare metal leader board with raised red lettering with magnetic strips stuck to it. It's a copy.

3) TGUS has done many similar challenges to what TGUK did, albeit, a bit better in some, worse in others.

4). Top Gear America is an American version of the British show. Many times, when there's another version of something that already exists, the "other version" doesn't do so well. Case in Point..Top Gear Australia ran for 4 seasons, and, apart from the Aussie accent, was 90% the same as TGUK, albeit with an Aussie flare on everything. The first season, they had 2 quite annoying presenters and 1 good one. The second season, the good one stayed, one of the annoying ones left, and another annoying one came on. In the third season, the current 3 presenters started what became a 7-episode run split in 2 seasons. It was cancelled this week due to low ratings.

That being said, there are many great things about each version of Top Gear.
For example, Top Gear America has taken the cheap car challenge, and added an american twist, whether it be moonshine running, toughest truck challenges, or best off-road truck.
Another example is Top Gear Australia's epic road trip episodes. My favorite of which being the TGUK v. TGAUS Ashes, or the Lake Eyre trip.

If you want to get the most out of Top Gear, watch it for Entertainment rather than education. You might see it differently.



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