CAD Update: 14 September 2011

Here's what I've done since the July 31st update.
 Ford Focus RS with a 12' mustang 5.0L front end and powerplant swap
 Here's an S14 Silvia with a Nissan GT-R frond end transplant.
 Here's a Honda Integra DC2 with an S2000 front end and powerplant swap
 Honda EG Civic with S2K front end and drivetrain swap
 350Z with GT-R front end swap
 Dodge Magnum with Viper body parts
 Nissan S16 Silvia GT concept
 S16 Silvia concept
 Ford SportKa custom
 Aries Wagon Coupe
 Nissan Cube coupe
 Cube Cabrio
 Nismo Z
 S13 silvia
 Rally Delorean
 R34 GT-R
 BMW Z4 convertible
 Nissan 240Z
 Mazda RX7 FC3S
 FC3S drift car
 Viper SRT10
 Drift Viper
 Drift Soarer

 AE86 Trueno
 JGTC Trueno

 GC Impreza wagon

 Lumina Estate concept
 Stagea R35 Concept
 GTR sedan
 "Rusty Slammington" E92

 MX5 Miata
 S-class Mercedes

 BRE Datsun 510
 Datsun 510
 RS6 Avant
 95 Mustang
 Bronco II
 Morgan Aeromax

 TJ Jeep wrangler
 Range Rover Discovery
Rogue GT-R
Otaku Garage S14.5


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