CAD Update: 14 September 2011 part 2

Here are more of the CAD drawing's I've done in the past month and a half.
 This is a Mobile Defense Platform built on a CAT 797b Quarry Dump Truck.

 Here are 2 versions of the Hummer H2 Excursion Vehicle. The top showing a reinforced equipment trailer, and the bottom showing a fully protected sleeping quarters.

 This Jeep TJ 4-door has been converted into a Rock-crawling monster
 Ths heavily-modified MRAP Buffalo could be useful in a riot situation, or when you need to drop troops in a hot zone.
 Here's a Tracked, armored truck with a tank turret
 A Tracked and armored troop transport
This is a Ford Bronco II,  Rock-Crawler converted

 Here's a little something I've been working on. a Ford SVT Raptor Baja Trophy truck
and Finally, a Baja 1000 support crew truck. Fully strengthened for a top speed blast across the desert to the next pit stop.

More coming eventually.



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