CAD Update

For those of you that enjoy my CAD work, here's my most up to date drawings, in a much better resolution than Facebook allows.
 Here's my Ute in Drag-strip ready trim
 Here's a JZA80 Supra Ute
 Lamborghini Gallardo GT Car
 without color
 The finished Ute with bed Cap, and the Circuit-racing version below it.
 Nose section of a Sirocco

 The whole sirocco on Rotiform wheels
 E32 Bimmer on TSW Londrina wheels
 Vette ZR1 on rotiform Vue wheels
 VW Golf GTi MkIV on Rotiforms
 Dodge Aries Wagon on Work Equip 03's
 VW Golf MK. 1 on Work Equip 03's
 Merc 300SL
 "Frankentruck"...S-10 with Olds Bravada bumpers, rocker panels, Hurst Cutlass hood and spiler, and Weld wheels
 KE50 corolla on Works
 Dodge Aries Wagon on Rotiform VUE monobloc wheels
 the "Frankentruck" in color..borrowing the 86 Hurst Olds paint scheme
 93 MAsda RX7 FD3S R1 on Enkei RPF1 wheels
 EG civic hatch on Work's
 Slammed 10' GMC 3500HD duallie
 Car haulers
 Lifted Duallie
 Koenigsegg CCX-R
 with custom livery
 yellow EG
 Radioactive Sil80
 Color livery
 surf EG

more to come later.



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