7_31_2011 CAD Update

We'll start with the usual cars.
 1G Mitsubishi Eclipse
 1G DSM Drag car
 1989 Honda Prelude 2.0L Si 4WS
 4th Gen Eclipse
 1972 Dodge Dart
 Drag-tuned Dart
 Slammed Dart
 Stock 350Z
 GMC 3500HD Dualie
 Dualie with Trailer
 Stock Dualie
 Bentley Continental Flying Spur
 Stretched Spur
 Dropped Boss 302 Laguna
 DC2 Integra
 Modified 4G Eclipse
 Ferrari F40
 Nissan GT-R
 JGTC 350Z
 Slammed Nissan Titan
 Morris Mini
 Mk. I Cortina
 Race prepped Mk. 1 Cortina
 Nissan Cube
 Dropped Cube
 Cube Convertible Concept

 WTCC Juke
 R8 V-10
 R8 GT
 ROlls-Royce Phantom 50" Stretch
 Rolls Royce Phantom
 Focus RS500
 Modified S2K
 Slammed Flying Spur
 Slammed Suburban
 Veilside Fortune RX7
More to come.


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