MSU / SCCA Autocross #2 01-01

Headed out to East Lansing today for the West-Michigan Region SCCA Autocross #2 today. Here's part 1 of day one pics.
 This 67' Camaro is set up for autocross, and honestly, it is quite a car.
 The Camaro again. wide tires in the back make for some excellent traction.
 Custom 4-link rear suspension

1993 Mazda RX7 FD3S R1. ~430 hp, but making closer to 300 today, due to some boost controller issues.
 The FD. Aftermarket headlights, Enkei RPF1 wheels, and a CF hood.

 Here's another FD, originally an Automatic, but swapped to a manual.
 Also has the JDM "Efini" badging. 
 JDM front end

 Original Twin-Turbo setup, but converted to run as a normal TT, rather than a sequential setup.
 Here's an FC RX-7.
 relatively good condition for a Michigan car.
 13B injection

 Here's an Evo X. Quite a nice car.
 It's the model with the Paddle shift Dual-Clutch trans
 Aftermarket Exhaust
 Here's a Fiero. Surprisingly fast car
 Despite having badly worn suspension, the owner drove it hard. Oddly, this has been his daily driver for some time. It's up for sale if anyone is interested.
 Stock mustang on North Carolina plates
 This Saturn Sky Redline got fastest time of the day in it's heat, thanks to the slicks in the trailer.
 Here's a Bullitt mustang
 Aftermarket round gas filler door.

Body-colored CAI

 This FC, even though it's been thoroughly beat up, was driven hard.
 This Escort GT, while looking a bit rough, was one of the top cars out there.
 Cobalt SS turbo. Quite a quick car.

 This brand new Mazda3 was driven quite hard.

 This civic was driven so hard, it became the definition of understeer...and killing cones.

 This WRX had some unfortunate issues, in the form of it's shifter breaking while out on the course. Luckily he had a spare.

That's all for now. the next set will be coming soon.


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