MSU Autocross # 2: 1967 Camaro RS

This weekend was the SCCA Solo-II Autocross at MSU.
 This 1967 Camaro RS looked awesome.
 wide tires and a custom 4-link setup made this car handle quite well
 From a ways back, it looks like it could be a show car, but close up, you can see otherwise.
 It ran quite wekk the first day, during the practice runs.
 350 c.i.d. SBC engine. Sounds quite nice.
 Unfortunately, in the heats on day 2, his fan belt kept slipping off. With some investigation, the water pump bearings let go, allowing the shaft to move around, mis-aligning the belt.

 I was able to go on a ride-along with him during the practice runs. The car feels more powerful, and handles better than I expected.

More photos coming later.



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