the Rogue

Over the pasy 7 years, I've been working on designing a supercar.
Here are the most up to date pics.

The Rogue. Mid Engine, Rear-Wheel drive, V-8 powered. This is in Base Trim.
This is the GT trim. Retractable spoiler, an Aero package, and extra vents for letting heat out
This one is the Competition version. Big, fixed wing. Would be stripped down, too.

This is the Le Mans version. Same engine, same wheelbase, same driveline, but lighter, and more aerodynamic
This is the Targa-Top version of the GT
The Targa version of the base trim model 

 The bonnet and boot open on the Competition version
 Base model with the boot and bonnet open
 And more..

More pics to come..


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