MSU Autocross #1

This weekend, May 14th and 15th, is the first Sports Car Club of America West-Michigan Region Solo-II Autocross event at Michigan State University. Some of you might not know what Autocross is.
This video shows an Autocross run from last summer, at the October 2nd LCC autocross.
(Video by xarraxlee)

Autocross is usually run in a big, open parking lot, a disused airfield, or closed track. There is usually one car out at once, competing against the clock for the fastest time. A series of cones is set up to mark the course. Unlike other motorsport events, Autocross is more about driver development than going fast. 

The event this weekend is the first of 4 such events this summer at MSU.
Find more details Here.

fore more information on the West-michigan region SCCA, check out
for more info on the SCCA, check out



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