For the record....

When I tell people that I love import cars, or say "Hey, Hondas are cool.", I often get made fun of. I realize that its one of those "Different strokes for different folks" situations, but I'd like to clarify something. 
I do not like ALL import cars. I like many, but not all. 
It would take far too long to type out all of the imports that I like. But here are a few.

All of the Honda S-cars (S500, S600.....S2000)

1982 - 1986 Honda City Turbo II
Honda Prelude (1978 - 2001)
Nissan Silvia / 240sx / 180sx - All versions.
Nissan Skyline - all versions.
Nissan Z / Fairlady - All versions
Nissan Bluebird (510 - all versions, 810)
Nissan Cefiro / Laurel A31
Nissan Laurel C130 Hardtop
Nissan Leopard F30 Turbo
Toyota Celica (1st through 6th generations, as long as it was FR or 4WD. 7th Gen in race trim.)
Toyota Supra (All versions)
Toyota Corolla (All RWD versions up until the AE86.)
Toyota Corona Coupe
Toyota Soarer (Z10 - Z30 series)
Toyota Hilux (for it's indestructability)
All of the Mazda Miatas, RX-badged cars, the Eunos Cosmo, the 787B and a few others.
All of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo's
the Mitsubishi Starion
Mitsubishi Galant Coupe
Subari Impreza WRX STi (all versions)
Subaru BRAT
Subaru Legacy
Subaru B4
Suzuki Wagon R RR

and others. 
if you have any comments, additions, objections, or questions, feel free to comment.



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