Team Illuminata Motorsports

 Team Illuminata Motorsports, out of  Birmingham, MI, is an importer of Braid Racing Wheels, and Team Dynamics Racing Wheels. They are also the owner of this 1985 Audi Quattro.
 A few of the wheels they can get.
 This wheel is a 15-inch Braid Winrace T Acropolis rough-rally wheel, available in a few offsets. It runs around $230 per wheel, and it weighs right around 22 lbs.
 This is the same wheel as above, but in Gold.
 This wheel, a 15-inch Pro-Rally 1 wheel, designed  to fit over WRX brakes. Weight is around 17.5 lbs, and cost is around $205 per wheel
 a Braid Fuch's replica wheel. Available in several offsets and colors.
These are the gold Rally wheels. The larger one is an 18-inch Tarmac-Rally wheel. The larger one is the Braid Winrace A.

To find out more about these wheels, check out the Team Illuminata Motorsport website at:

That wraps up the pics from the April 23rd MSU car show.

-Philip Hammar


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