Team AntiLag Racing

At the show were 2 representatives from Anti-Lag Racing.
 This Eclipse, known as Janet, is running over 500bhp. This is a properly quick car.
 That Massive Turbo, According to the cars owner, is pushing 20psi. Insane. The Intake is a work in progress. Notice the light colored headlight cover on the right side of the car.
 Fully caged and stripped. This car is running a Automatic with a ratchet shifter. He's also got a full fire system installed. Between that blue box there on the passenger side, and the seat sits a 10lb NOS tank. I'm told it's  there to assure the engine is well into boost on a Drag launch.
 Massive Wheelie bar here. May people don't understand why a FWD Drag car needs a wheelie bar. I could explain it, but it would likely bore you. According to one source, the DSM does a 10.78 1/4 @ 140mph. Not bad.
 This is Warrens Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Nicknamed "Vida". Quite a good looking car.
 The specs I saw last on this car stated that it's making 515whp and 384wtq on 93 octane pump gas. Not bad.
 another view.
The Car's name, welded into the intake piping.

The Evo was featured here, on the Sparktech ignition page.

More pics to come.

-Phil Hammar


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