Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-Spec II

This is what greeted me as I pulled into the lot on the campus of Michigan State University this Saturday for the MSU Car show, hosted by the MSU Racing Club. This is, honestly, the first GT-R I've seen in person. It definitely didn't disappoint.
 I love the lines of the GT-R. The front bumper and grille look so sinister. And finished in Nissans gorgeous Bayside Blue (Code TV2) paint.
A true V-Spec model, This is one of a few R34 Skylines imported legally via Motorex. In fact, this is one of the 5 that was stolen from Motorex (and recovered, of course) that started the recent legal action taken against Motorex and Skyline GT-R owners in the States.
The mighty RB26DETT engine. 2.6L, Dual Overhead Cam, Electronic Igniton, Twin Turbocharged Inline-6 Cylinder engine putting out approximately 260 - 280hp when new.
The headlights and my opinion, one of the best features of the car.
Complete with a full line of NISMO-branded parts installed as factory equipment.
 RHD cars are awesome. This car was clean.
 KM/h dash. The owner told me that he had originally converted it to MPH, but after the conversion, the AWD system started to have some issues. So, he converted it back to the factory Metric system.
 Had a bit of fun with GIMP here, but I think the wheels look awesome this way. Factory NISMO wheels and Bridgestone tires.
 The Iconic R34 Tail-lights. Got to love them.
More Gimp fun. The license plate is awesome, too.

More car show pics coming in the next post.

-Phil Hammar


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