April 23rd Car show at MSU

 Skyline GT-R R34. for more info and pictures, see my earlier post.

The Amuse S2K. See my earlier post on this, too.
 The 85 Quattro. Again, see my earlier post.
 This mustang looked pretty nice.
 Not a huge fan of the color, but the car seemed to be pretty well built.
 and then there was this..interestingly painted Mustang convertible.
 The Westfield. A Kit-car based on the Lotus 7. This car sources all of it's drive-train, brakes and engine parts from a Mazda MX-5.
 an old 1960 MGA. This car was in excellent shape. The owner, in the dark jacket, told me that he had recently finished restoring it.
 a Ford Model A, shown by one of the MSU Racing Club members.

 This Rally-Prepared Golf/ Rabbit, is owned and raced by the owner of the Westfield.
 Nathan and Aaron Usher, brothers, ran this car at the SNo*Drift rally in Atlanta, Michigan.
 An RX-8 on Rotas. Quite a well-built car.
 1957 Chevrolet BelAire wagon in Flat black. Nice
 The black and the chrome just go so well with each other.
 a 1-series BMW. Not bad looking.
 01 Porsche 911 Turbo.
 2011 Ford Mustang. In my opinion, a good looking car, but not one that really stands out. But that might just be because I'm an Import fan. Who knows.
 Nicely tuned DSM.
 Turbocharged Drag Eclipse tuned by AntiLag racing
 500+ bhp Evo tuned by AntiLag Racing.
 supercharged Mercury Marauder. This thing sounds mean.
 Good Ole' DeLorean. It's funny to hear what people "Know" about this car.
 A Wingless Evo
 This custom 1997 Cadillac Deville won the "Loudest Sound System" contest. Yes, that is real Gator-skin on the roof, and around the subwoofers.
 Saw this vinyl-wrapped AP1 S2K parked across the street from the show.
 2 Awesome Nismo cars.
 Team Illuminata, owner of that 85 Quattro, and Wheel importer were there, showing off their Team Dynamics, and Braid wheels
A Stanced and rusty-hooded Civic. Those wheel flares are from a Pantera.

More Pics to Come.


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